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About Us








Directorate of Museums

Old Secretariat, Panaji - Goa 











1.  Background :

          In 1973, Archaeology and Museum unit was set up in Goa. Thereafter a small Museum in a rented building at St. Inez., which was inaugurated and thrown open to public on 29th Sept. 1977.


2.  Location :

          The Museum is located in its new building at Old Secretariat, Panaji – Goa. 

3.  The Aim and Structure of Museum :

          The State Museum of Goa depicts the various aspects of the Goan Culture, traditions and society, throughout the ages, and the galleries are being  set up accordingly.


          The Galleries which have been set up and open to public are:-

1)  Sculpture Gallery

2)  Christian Art Gallery

3)  Printing History Gallery

4)  Banerji Art Gallery

5)  Religious Expression Gallery

6)  Cultural Anthropology

7)  Contemporary Art Gallery

8)  Numismatics Gallery

9)  Goa’s Freedom Struggle Gallery

10) Menezes Braganza Gallery

11) Furniture Gallery

12) Natural Heritage of Goa Gallery

13) Environment & Development Gallery

14) Geology Gallery 


4.  Functions of Museum and services provided  :
     The main function of the museum is to preserve cultural heritage by acquiring the related objects, preserving and displaying them systematically. The ultimate aim of Museum is to create awareness among people and educate the masses. 

          The following services are therefore provided to achieve this:

         Visitors are taken round the Museum by the guides.

  1. The required information and references are provided to the visitors.
  2. Photographs of the exhibits are provided for the students and scholars for academic purpose if requested.
  3. The screening of historical and archaeological documentaries is organised for school students by prior appointment.

5.  Whom to Contact  :

      Smt. Radha R. Bhave, Curator and First Appelate Authority
      Ph. No: 2436006 
      Shri Zilu R. Shetye, Public Information Officer
      Phone No: 2434406
     Shri Sachin B. Bandodkar
     Assistant Public Information Officer
     Phone No: 2434406

6.  Expectations from public :

          i)   You can help us by giving useful practical suggestions to improve our  work.
          ii)  You can also inform us of any important object you have come across  which can be acquired and preserved by Museum.
          iii)  The students can actively participate in various competitions organized by Museum.
          iv)  The scholars can organize exhibitions of objects collected by the students in their premises. they can seek help from Museum staff in                                    organizing such exhibitions.          
            v)  If you have a remarkable collection of your own, you can think of donating the same to Museum, offer on sale or at least loan it to
                 Museum for specific period so that it can be seen and enjoyed by the

6.   Museum is open :

                   Days :  Monday to Friday. 
                   Timings :  9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

          You can be in touch with Museum staff for the above and help us to preserve our rich cultural heritage.



















Visit Us Museum is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m to 5.30 p.m
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